Other Regional Events

Find out more about the other events that are happening across the region.

  • Securing Your Business In a Digital Age11th September – As part of Digital Leaders Cyber Resilience Week, this event will cover a wide variety of themes and topics, including the cyber threat, accreditation, and preparing for a breach.
  • Keeping your data safe13th September – The Cyber Technology Institute at De Montfort University are hosting an evening seminar which will look at how you can keep your data safe and secure.
  • Cyber Resilience for SME’s14th September – This breakfast seminar from the East Midlands Digital Growth Program will provide a deeper understanding of the latest cyber security threats, what you need to do, and the systems you need in place to protect your business and staff.
  • What is phishing anyway? Protecting yourself against online scams11th October – This event from the Cyber Technology Institute at De Montfort University will look at what ‘phishing’ is and how to protect yourself from online scams and phishing emails.

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