Cyber Connected World

In this East Midlands Cyber Security Forum event we looked at the every growing ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and the security aspects of adopting IoT devices for businesses.

This event originally took place on 6th June 2017 at the University of Nottingham and was sponsored by Horizon Digital Economy Research.

The Cyber Connected World - event image smallOur everyday lives have become more connected than ever, making it easier to communicate with others, grow your market reach, and ultimately do business with people around the globe.

But, as the world becomes more connected, we’re exposed to a variety of new vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities that we aren’t always prepared for.

Cyber Connected World video summaries

Colin Robbins, Innovation Director at Nexor, explains how the vast scale, diversity and complexity of the Internet of Things is leading to things going wrong.

This overview video of the event summarises the key things that were presented and discussed on the evening.

Securing the IoT… Good luck

Colin Robbins, Innovation Director at Nexor

Colin introduced the evening with a brief overview of Internet of Things security.

PETRAS – Internet of Things research hub

Alisdair Ritchie, Impact Champion at PETRAS National IoT Cyber Security Research Hub/University of Warwick

Alisdair talked about the work PETRAS has been doing to protect and secure IoT devices from an academic perspective.

The Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF)

Graham Markall, Embecosm, representative from the Internet of Things Security Foundation

Graham discussed the work the IoTSF has been doing to secure the Internet of Things and IoT devices.

Emerging IoT in the Energy Sector

Jon Longstaff, Head of Cyber Security EMEA at OMNETRIC

Jon looked at the recent attacks on Ukraine power stations and talked about the security implications of IoT devices in industry and how to secure them.

Overview of the event

Here are the general slides from the evening, which include background information on the supporting organisations and details of upcoming events in the region: