Internet of Things Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an all-encompassing term used to convey many different facets of technology innovation, in which a large number of devices cooperate by being interconnected via the Internet.

iot-security-program-imageThis event originally happened on 28th January 2016 at De Montfort University in Leicester.

Whilst convenient and enabling rapid take up, the connecting of various devices, particularly those which may not have been originally intended to be connected to the internet, can leave the door open to the cyber-criminal.

delegates-listening-to-colin-robbins-presentationThe Internet of Things race is currently on. Suppliers and service providers are competing to be first to market with new gizmos that will make some aspects of life easier, be it intelligent transport; smart energy; healthcare applications; assisted living or home entertainment systems.

The challenges and issues of the IoT and its security

Colin Robbins, Managing Consultant at Qonex

Colin started off the evening with an overview look of the challenges and issues with the Internet of Things and its security.

Colin has subsequently blogged about whether it is possible to make the Internet of Things secure on the Cyber Matters blog.

Self-defending IoT devices and gateways: solutions for consideration

Matt Aldridge, Solutions Architect at Webroot

Matt looked at how some possible solutions to help secure Internet of Things devices and gateways.

Raising finance for IoT projects

Dave Cowe, Senior Account Manager and Chris Ward, Technical Consultant at Econocom

Dave and Chris briefly discussed about raising and identifying funds for IoT projects.

Practical steps to overcoming the challenges of IoT security

Mike Gillespie, Managing Director at Advent IM

Rounding off the evening, Mike talked about the challenges of IoT security and what the steps are to securing it.

Overview of the event

The event was organised by the East Midlands Cyber Security Forum, which is supported by the regional branches of the UK Cyber Security Forum and the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP), and the East Midlands Chambers of Commerce.

Presenters and organisers of the IoT Security event January 2016

Here is some background on those organisations and details of upcoming events in the region: