Upcoming events

IISP East Midlands

The East Midlands branch of the Institute of Information Security Professionals suffered a hiatus in 2018, as a variety of factors conspired against us.

A few us are now starting a resurrection plan for 2019.

In the past we had large events, and tried to cater for a wide variety of skills in the audience.

We are proposing the focus should return to an opportunity for cyber security professionals in the region to meet up and share tradecraft.

In the first instance, we are planning a meet up of interested folk to see how we want to organise ourselves, and the options going forward.

We are aiming for something late Feb or March, in the early evening.   We’ll aim for somewhere easy to get to.

If you would like more information about the East Midlands branch then please email IISPEastMids@nexor.com.

Once we know who is interested, we’ll firm up on the date and venue.